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Dill Leaf Tips


Dill Leaf Tips

May contain sesame seeds.

Tips & Hints

  • Dill is an excellent partner for fish and seafood
  • Splash crabs, scallops and prawns with creamy dill sauce
  • Use dill in a beetroot soup
  • Add dill to soured cream or yogurt, horseradish, or mustard with braised beef
  • Use with stuffed vine leaves
  • Use Dill in salads and salad dressings or potato salad
  • Ideal when pickling cucumbers and for flavouring vinegar
  • Great with beetroot, broad beans, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, cucumber, eggs, potatoes, rice and spinach
  • Leaves combine well with basil, capers, garlic, horseradish, mustard, paprika and parsley
  • Great in casseroles - scatter before baking
  • Stir through cottage cheese or tomato juice