Cinnamon Ground

Foodie Facts

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Spices Cinnamon Ground

Tips & Hints

  • Cinnamons subtle flavour is well suited to all manner of desserts and spiced breads and cakes
  • Combine with chocolate and apples, bananas and pears
  • Use it in an apple pie or with baked apples, with bananas fried in butter and flavoured with rum
  • Makes an excellent flavouring for meat and vegetable dishes in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking
  • Use in savoury chicken and lamb dishes from Middle East
  • Use when poaching fresh fruit and cereal dishes
  • Fabulous with chocolate
  • Mellows the tartness in apple pie
  • Add to hot milk drinks and mulled wine


May contain sesame seeds.

Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon Ground 6x480g | 181522 | Available on request