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Tuscan Seasoning


Salt, Sugar, Garlic (contains Sulphites), Pepper, Rosemary, Parsley, Vegetable Oil.

May contain sesame seeds.

Tips & Hints

  • Best partnered with typical Tuscan ingredients like tomatoes, chicken, crusty bread and hearty soups
  • Sprinkle over lamb cutlets or chicken and grill
  • Mix with orange juice and marinade chicken breasts
  • Sprinkle over baked tomatoes, crispy bread or bocconcini cheese, drizzle with balsamic and olive oil
  • Combine with onions, lemon, chopped capsicum, chopped tomatoes and pour over pork and bake
  • Adds extra flavour to oven roasted potatoes, tomatoes and carrots
  • Brush chicken, fish or lamb with olive oil, sprinkle generously with seasoning before pan frying, grilling or baking