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All Purpose Seasoning


Salt, Rice Flour, Paprika, Onion Powder(contains Sulphites) Pepper, Garlic, Vegetable Oil, Basil, Celery Seed, Natural Colour (Paprika Oleoresin)

May contain sesame seeds.

Tips & Hints

  • Sprinkle on meats or vegetables before cooking, especially good on grills, roasts and barbecues
  • Mix one part seasoning with two parts flour to make a coating for chicken, lamb cutlets or fish before pan frying or microwaving
  • Adds colour to light foods and can be used as a garnish instead of salt and pepper
  • Sprinkle over grilled or fresh tomatoes, cottage cheese, fried potatoes, corn on the cob, dips, spreads, raw vegetables such as celery, or even carrot sticks
  • Stir through soups and stock
  • Add to some melted butter, drizzle over oysters and sprinkle with dry breadcrumbs
  • Add to mashed potato with some sour cream
  • Blend with some fresh parsley, wine vinegar and olive oil, drizzle over baked vegetables