Flavour and Product Innovation

New Texan Style Chipotle Mayonnaise 2.2kg

The final step in bringing Tex-Mex excitement to your burgers, dipping sauces, and slaw dressings. A vibrant, fiery orange mayonnaise with warming chilli heat, underlying smoke, balanced creaminess, acidity, and complexity of flavour. This product is so versatile it is every kitchen and chef’s must have item.



New Burger Sauce 2.2kg


Our newest creation perfectly blends the creaminess of whole egg mayonnaise with tomatoes, mustard, dill, garlic and paprika with the saltiness of gherkins. Such a versatile product with multiple uses. Every kitchens must have sauce.


New Smokey BBQ Sauce 4.5kg


We have taken our signature thick barbeque sauce and added the perfectly blended amount of flavour to give you the best tasting Smokey BBQ Sauce on the market!