Pantry Secrets at The Brewery Bar + Kitchen

The Brewery Bar + Kitchen has sped up service whilst still delivering on flavour.

The Novotel Sydney Olympic Park venue would usually rely on a certain level of business from in-house guests. But with the hotel operating at lower capacity, it had to look elsewhere for patrons. Ben Nicholls, Food & Beverage Operations Manager, Accor Sydney Olympic Park turned to the locals. He started by checking what was in the pantry to find ways to speed up service.


The chicken wings at Brewery Bar + Kitchen have a secret weapon: MasterFoods Smokey Barbecue Sauce. The venue uses the sauce throughout the prep and cooking process. The wings are first marinated in the sauce for 24 hours. Then they are placed in cryovac bags and cooked sous vide to 65 degrees celsius. Next they are taken out of the bag and excess moisture is removed before they are fried. Finally, the wings are tossed with the Smokey Barbecue Sauce and served with a little extra on the side. “It’s super easy and means the staff don’t have to think about it too much,” Nicholls explains. “And everybody loves the sticky wings.”

The Brewery Bar + Kitchen dining area


The venue makes a compound butter for its steaks using MasterFoods seasonings. “We play with the flavour of the butter a little,” Nicholls says. “We also add a bit of tomato paste and some fresh eschalots.”

Tricks to speed up your prep and cooking time whilst maximising flavour

  1. Optimise your operations by using flavour shortcuts, such as seasonings or marinades.
  2. Batch prep or cook some ingredients every few days.
  3. Foolproof your flavours by having the right measuring utensils handy. This will make it quick and easy to get portions right.
  4. Take the pressure off prep time by putting your equipment to work overnight. Add pre-prepared marinades or spices to slow cooked meats to amp up flavours and efficiency.